Wet food

Balanced food for cats.
You decided to share your life with a velvet paw. No wonder, because our home tigers are extremely charismatic, self-sufficient, intelligent, still have their primal instincts, and are difficult to train. You offer your love, respect and care, and your cat will repay you 1000 times. However, love is not everything. Your cat needs high-quality cat food. This is where our knowledge comes in handy! Your pet must receive all the nutrients it needs for healthy development and life. Your cat's diet should contain the optimal mix of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

As with humans, the natural diet for our pets is one of the most important steps towards a long and healthy life full of energy and efficiency.
The variety of our foods will support you in maintaining a natural diet containing everything your pet needs to lead a healthy, joyful and active life.

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