Wet food

Complete food for your dog - MaxiDog Vit. Wet food for all breeds. When creating MaxiDog Vit, we integrated ourselves with nature, just like in the production of our entire range. Therefore, this food contains everything a dog needs for a healthy, long and satisfying life: lots of meat, tasty vegetables and its own, unique composition of sea algae that supports the body in restoring the natural mineral balance. In the production process, we use only natural and non-GMO raw materials to protect valuable vitamins, minerals and microelements. All ingredients are freshly processed in Germany, cold packed and steamed. MaxiDog Vit will provide your dog with varied and nutritious nutrition.

What makes us stand out:
- High meat content: 69 - 74 %
- Own, one-of-a-kind composition of sea algae supporting the mineral balance
- The weight symbolizes the mineral balance
- Tasty vegetables
- Only food ingredients are used in the production process.
- All raw materials are natural and free from genetic engineering
- No added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
- No added sugar
- Steamed and cold packaged ingredients
- Made in Germany
- Constant control of nutrition experts
- Customized for each breed - not tested on animals

Animal offal: Animal offal is added to all types of our food. However, we assure you that all the meat components of our products are food offal, such as: hearts, livers, rumen, lungs, kidneys, jowls and udders. We do not use slaughterhouse waste! Microbiological quality: Our dog food is produced in accordance with the applicable EU directives. The meat used comes from controlled German slaughterhouses.

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