MaxiCat Premium

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MaxiCat Premium is a universal, high-quality food for cats of all breeds and ages.

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Reico products are ordered directly from the warehouse in Germany. Reico products are delivered within 5-6 business days. The cost of transporting Reico products is PLN 33, regardless of the number of products.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Ingredients: meat and products of animal origin: 33% for beef and 20% for chicken, grains and products of origin
vegetable, oils and fats, minerals, herbs.

Detailed composition analysis:

crude protein: 30.00 %
crude fat: 14.00 %
crude fiber: 2.50 %
crude ash: 6.25 %
Vitamins in 1 kg:

vitamin A: 20,000 IE
vitamin D3: 2,000 IE
vitamin E (alpha tocopherol): 250 mg


Recommended use:
(Guide values that are adapted to the needs of the animal)
For a 4 kg cat: 40 - 60 g per day, divide into 2 meals.
Mix with the previous feed for 3 weeks.
Ensure constant access to fresh water.
Feeding twice a day is recommended.

Net weight / Art.No .: 1.9 kg / 2022, 7.5 kg / 2023

Package size

1.9kg, 7.5kg


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