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CuraDog Fisch (Fish)

Recommended for dogs with metabolic disorders or allergies.

CuraDog | Bio-wholesome food with a high meat content. Every dog deserves high-quality, wholesome meals. We use raw materials from ecological farms and meat from contracted, ecological farms and strictly controlled slaughterhouses for the production of our bio-feed.

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With the most sensitive pets in mind, we use only natural raw materials that do not cause allergic reactions.



Reico means suitable for species of animal foodquality from Germany food raw materials, environmental awareness. Thus, it enables pet owners to feed them a high-quality product. Our pets deserve not only respectful treatment, but also a natural and healthy diet. Whether or not it is dull hair , digestive problems , itch whether unpleasant smell. Reico gives your four-legged friend the chance to live a longer and healthier life through a healthy diet! Reico's great dog and cat food contains up to 74% of meat and is safe.  Our dogs are carnivores and in the wild, they would eat not only meat, but also offal, berries, roots, bone marrow and herbs. In this way, he would instinctively provide a healthy and balanced diet. Reico took this nutritional concept as a model and mimics a predatory animal providing all natural ingredients and serves them in cans! Reico feeds do not contain animal flour, chemical additives and thickeners. Reico products are made from rich, high-quality raw materials. Reico doesn't use slaughter waste or animal meal, chooses meat and food offal! In addition to meat, it contains a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. These include, for example, spinach, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin and a special mix of sea algae. Natural ingredients are mixed together and gently heated in cans to preserve as much of the natural vitamins and minerals as possible. In addition to Reico's high standards of processing raw materials, Reico Vital-Systems differs from other manufacturers with its unique algae blend “mineral balance! All ingredients are cold pressed into the jar and sealed tightly, all as per the highest hygiene standards . Because fresh ingredients and the low temperature of the cooking process, the process does not take long. This makes Reico able to get essential vitamins and minerals and does not need any chemical additives. Reico food is extremely efficient and absorbed by the body to a very large extent. This definitely affects the smaller amount of food eaten by our pet and the lower cost of the daily dose of food.
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Weight0.4 kg

Ingredients: fish * 64%, quinoa 15%, pear 10%, nasturtium 1%, linseed oil 1 %, algae (* from controlled organic farming).
Detailed composition analysis: crude protein 7.20%, crude fat 3.10%, crude fiber 0.40%, crude ash 0.50%, moisture 78.00%, calcium 1.40%, phosphor 0.80%.

Analytical composition: Rohprotein 8.60 %, Rohfett 6.20 %, Rohfaser 0.80 %, Rohasche 0.60 %, Feuchtigkeit 76.90 %, Calcium 1.40 %, Phosphor 0.80 %

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0.4 kg


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