MaxiDog Hundewurst (Sausage for Strengthening)

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MaxiDog Hundewurst is a fortifying, wholesome meal consisting of 72% meat, recommended for all breeds of dogs.

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Reico products are ordered directly from the warehouse in Germany. Reico products are delivered within 5-6 business days. The cost of transporting Reico products is PLN 33, regardless of the number of products.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg

Meat and animal products: beef 72%, meat broth, algae.

Detailed composition analysis: crude protein 10.80%, crude fat 6.70%, crude ash 2.0%, crude fiber 0.6%, moisture 77.00%.

The products of animal origin contained in MaxiDog® sausage include: hearts, lungs, udders, livers and rumen.
We do not use slaughterhouse waste for production.

Package size

1.8 kg


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