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MaxiDog Olymp. Balanced dry food for each breed
Olymp is a natural food, produced using the latest technologies.
The ingredients are cold pressed and dried.

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Olymp, ze względu na zawartość wolnej energii spełnia bardzo wysokie standardy. Sprawdzi się zarówno u psów hodowlanych, wystawowych, wyczynowych, jak i u tych wolno biegających. Pozwól się zaskoczyć idealnym dostosowaniem karmy do potrzeb Twojego psa. Wysoką jakość karmy możemy zagwarantować dzięki przechowywaniu jej w oddychających workach PE. Olymp jest również rekomendowany dla szczeniąt, powinien zostać wprowadzany do ich diety stopniowo, zgodnie z zaleceniami dla danej rasy. Now it starts! We are introducing new packaging for dry food to the market! We start with our most popular dry food MaxiDog Olymp in a 20 kg package. Then we will introduce new sizes and types of packaging.



Reico products are ordered directly from the warehouse in Germany. Reico products are delivered within 5-6 business days. The cost of transporting Reico products is PLN 33, regardless of the number of products.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Ingredients: 43% (beef and poultry meat, dried herring meat), brown rice, corn, herbs, salmon oil, cod liver oil 2 %, seeds
fennel, algae.

Detailed composition analysis: crude protein 24.50 %, crude fat 10.00 %, crude fiber 2.50 %, crude ash 6.50 %, moisture 8.00 %, calcium 1.40 %, phosphorus 0.80 %


Recommended use:
(Guideline values that are increased or decreased depending on the needs of the animal).
The food change should be done gradually. Mix with the previous feed for 3 weeks.
Remember to provide your dog with fresh water. We recommend feeding twice a day.

Net weight / Item no .: 3 kg / 1088, 10 kg / 1081, 20 kg / 1080

Package size

3kg, 10kg, 20kg

1 review for MaxiDog Olymp

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    Paulina Jankowska

    Satisfied Quapcioch

    I found out about Reico's pet food from the breeder of Hairy Passion herself when I visited her with our Quapi doodle. I was able to see how Reico's food behaves in the water. In water, it actually dissolves rather than swells. This, as well as the selection of ingredients, as well as the fact that the breeder herself fed her pack of doodles for six months, and then I could advertise it to her families, I decided to buy Reico MaxiDog Olimp 🙂

    After 9 days of introducing the food, loosened poo appeared and vomiting appeared. I had to use a 3-day fast with only water. After that, we started to introduce Reico Olymp food again, but by extending this process to 3 weeks, finally in the fourth week the dog started eating Olympa itself.
    I probably made a mistake somewhere in the ratios between old and new.
    Now it's already 3 months and Quapy is literally eating food that's nice to look at.
    It turned out that our doggy was very sensitive to this change in food.
    And there is more than very good to the healthy appearance of the coat and overall well-being of the Quapie.

    I would like to write here to all carers who may have a similar adventure to ours. Be patient in changing karma and watch your children. And if necessary, feel free to contact Edyta Gajewska (despite her many duties), she will always help and advise you.
    As for the ordering of goods from the store, it is just like I was told. The order will be delivered up to 5 business days. And that's what it is 🙂

    We are pleased. Now we ordered Champion.

    Best wishes

    January 14, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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      January 16, 2021

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