MaxiDog Sensiv

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MaxiDog Sensiv. More and more dogs are struggling with allergies and food intolerances. The MaxiDog® Sensiv series was created precisely with their special needs in mind.

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The food produced in Germany, hypoallergenic, cold-pressed contains: nutritious fish, nutritious potatoes, tasty dried vegetables, a special composition of herbs and spices that favorably affect the condition of the skin and hair, as well as rapeseed, linseed and fish oil. MaxiDog® Sensiv is grain, gluten and lactose free. This food is a wholesome meal containing all the necessary nutrients. Now it starts! We are introducing new packaging for dry food to the market! We start with our most popular dry food MaxiDog Olymp in a 20 kg package. Then we will introduce new sizes and types of packaging.



Reico products are ordered directly from the warehouse in Germany. Reico products are delivered within 5-6 business days. The cost of transporting Reico products is PLN 33, regardless of the number of products.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

White fish dried and minced meat 29.5 %, potato flakes, rice sprouts, ground dried vegetables, dried sugar beet, cold pressed rapeseed oil, liver oil 2 %, herbs, fish oil, dried and ground Yucca Schidigera.

Detailed composition analysis: crude protein 25.00%, crude fat 9.50%, crude fiber 3.30%, raw ash 7.500%, moisture 8.00%, calcium 1.10%, phosphorus 0.95%, sodium 0.30%.


The suggested dosage is indicative. Carry out the process of changing the diet slowly and gradually (mix with the previous feed for 3 weeks). Remember to adjust the amount of food to the breed, age and physical activity of the dog. If necessary, puppies can be fed according to the values given in the second or third row of the table. Feeding twice a day is optimal. Remember to always provide enough fresh water for your dog.

Net weight:

3 kg / Art.No .: 1074
10 kg / Art.No .: 1073

Package size

3kg, 10kg


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