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CuraDog - is a series of three products containing only certified, ecological ingredients. Raw materials come from certified companies, from our neighbors in Austria. There, for decades, the 30% has been organic farming, far from industry - which is a key factor. Therefore, we can talk about allergen-free food. We use fresh and natural ingredients, e.g. root vegetables, apples, pears. Vegetables and fruits facilitate the digestive process. In addition, 100% Bio. Everything is cooked in the traditional way, as explained in the case of wet food. In this form, it is ideal for consumption, especially for animals with sensitive digestive tracts. 

These products are ideal for people who choose Bio products for themselves and want to feed their dogs in the same way. It will be used by sensitive animals, prone to allergies, as well as very weak and small animals. Moving on, it is also suitable for cats who suffer from various ailments, and nothing seems to be able to help them. Everything in this product comes in a natural form, including the liver, which contains a sufficient amount of taurine, thanks to which it is perfectly tolerated by cats. Another important thing that sets this product apart is  mineral balance. In addition, as we wrote earlier, it is also steamed.   If you prefer this nutrition or have demanding animals, try CuraDog. 

Doodle Food Adult - Duck


Doodle Food Adult - Duck, duck with parsnip, beetroot, orange, asparagus and pumpkin for an adult dog

For all orders of Doodle Food products worth at least PLN 200 free delivery!
The discount will be applied during the payment process.

What does your Doodle gain from vegetables and fruits?

Parsnip - an excellent source vitamin B3which is essential for energy metabolism so important for exercise and play
Beetroot- source dietary fiber, helping to normalize the duration of the intestinal transit
Orange - a very good source vitamin C., known for its antioxidant properties, has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system
Asparagus - source iron in order to support the proper functions of the circulatory system
Pumpkin - good source vitamin A.which has a positive effect on the functioning of the eye

Be sure to read how to implement and use Doodle Food HERE

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