Grooming secrets

A richly illustrated guide enriched with a mini grooming video course, thanks to which you will learn the right way of grooming your dog.

You will learn a revolutionary method of reducing the volume of the hair, which is the key to maintaining a thick coat. You will learn the secret of genetic hair reduction, thanks to which you will understand why caring for the coat of one bagpipe can be much easier than the other.
I will show you how to untangle a felted hair, while not leaving any damage to your pet's psyche.
I will present the correct shape of a bagpipe head and show step by step how to get it.
I will be confronted with myths about undercoat, hair, shedding and allergies.
In Grooming Secrets, I will tell you how to prepare your dogs for grooming treatments, what specific accessories and care products to use. I will also reveal a couple of bagpipes from the kitchen bag, which will be useful for the care of the coat.


A must read for every Australian labradoodle lover. In this guide you will learn that you love the most difficult dog in the world to groom. I am very lucky to find out about it every day. I am the "mother" of Funki - a 2-year-old chocolate naddog from Edyta's kennel, the author of this book. I knew that Edyta is an extraordinary person, putting all her heart and life into her work, still developing and enormously ambitious. At the same time, a beautiful, good and loving woman. I was able to observe it when we waited for our puppy and then when I joined the doodle family. Edith only sealed her position with this book. The amount of work she put into it, the scale and inquisitiveness, completely touched me. I salute the author of probably the most extensive guide on the care of Australian Labradoodles in the world. Use it, but also share it with your groomers and groomers.

Kasia Mazurek, Funki's "mother"

Are you already a happy owner of an Australian Labradoodle? Or maybe you are waiting when it will happen? My lesson in humility began with a year and a half waiting for my redhead. During the care of Quapi, it was humility that ultimately brought many interesting fruits. Sometimes the oranges tasted bitter and the figs were kind of unripe. Patiently enduring these inconveniences, combined with an irresistible desire to explore the problem, their smell and taste became juicy and sweet satisfaction.
The author of this guide, in a reliable and responsible manner, and at the same time in commitment and love to her pupils, introduces the reader to a world where, like a child, you will easily find a way out, including a seemingly difficult maze. This item is a MUST HAVE for any doodle maintainer.
Paulina Pułtorniak, Quapi's guide


Instructional schedule


Instructional films

Overrated grooming?

What is squeaking in the fur?

The undercoat scandal

Misunderstanding about molting

Stroke! it's not a hair !?

The greatest friends of allergy sufferers?

This is only a small part of the topics described!


When you take your fragrant and soft ball in your arms for the first time, you run your fingers through its fine hair and admire its silkiness. This ball grows, several months pass, and you are still able to immerse your hands in such an amazing and delicate structure. You brush it carefully once or twice a week. Easy thing, everything seems so simple. You think that everything is behind you - that if everything goes so well, you can easily handle this overrated grooming. Sometimes you can still hear the echo of the words spoken by the breeder in your head - “they can get confused overnight”, but this echo seems faded. And then thoughts come to your mind that it is impossible: “From such a beautiful hair? After all, she is so easy to maintain. What is this breeder saying? Or maybe I just got an easier copy? "

How do I know that? I was once in the same place as you. I remember Caramel lying next to me and I was stroking her beautiful fur and thinking to myself, "And that would become tangled when I take care of her so much? Maybe my breeder just didn't have enough time to care for the coat so solidly, but me? After all, I only have her, I will definitely make it. "

This magical age of 9-10 months finally came when I dipped my hand into Caramel's hair again and I couldn't believe what I felt under my fingers. KOLTUNES !!! “Aaaaaaa… But how is that ?! After all, I brushed you a few days ago !!! In fact, your coat has gotten thicker lately, but I felt like I was still getting hold of it. Okay, come on - I'll brush you well. " The situation happened every few days and I found more and more knots. Under the chin, behind the ears, in the groin, on the sides, on the rump. Meanwhile, Caramel was swimming in the lake and felt all felted. I capitulated and with a heavy heart Caramel was shaved. It was a little hard for me, but I waited for the hair to grow back.

The scenario seems to be similar for you? 

Therefore, I hope that after reading this, you will have a better view of matters related to the care of your pooch. Of course, with proper practice, you are able to do many things at home by yourself, so that a visit to the groomer is only a dot over the "and". And although grooming can seem complicated at times, with the right amount of practice and the right equipment, you will be able to properly care for your pet.

I hope that this guide will be useful to both future and current owners of Australian Labradoodle. You will learn how to care for your dogs and what tools to use. You will know the appropriate haircut pattern that you ask about so often. I also hope to debunk certain myths once and for all - fur or hair, undercoat or the lack of it, hypoallergenic hair. 

There is also a surprise waiting for you in the book - prepare phones with an application that supports QR codes, thanks to which you will gain access to instructional videos. 

I cordially invite you!


Me and Rutland Manor Caramel Passion - the first Australian Labradoodle in Poland - 2008

In the book of over 40 instructional videos showing how to comb, we reduce the thickness of the coat and cut our pet. Additionally, a 20-minute video on how to save the felted hair. 


Australijski Labradoodle Ness i Edi

Edyta Gajewska-Dziekan

Animal behaviorist, zoopsychologist, Noserwork Polska instructor. In the years 2015-2020 she was a court expert in the field of cynology and animal welfare.
She brought Australian Labradoodle to Poland in 2008. She runs the first Australian Labradoodle breeding farm in Poland. Together with their dog, Goddess is a certified visiting team (dog therapy).
She is fascinated by the early development of puppies, and her greatest dream is to work in a search and rescue group in cooperation with her dog.
Australian Labradoodle Sekrety Groomingu

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