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Welcome to Reico, little puppies!

For both humans and pets, natural food is one of the most important elements for a long and healthy life, full of energy and vitality. This is our Know-how. Take advantage of our many years of experience as your puppy should receive all the nutrients he needs to grow up healthy and live fully active. We offer both wet and dry food with an optimal mix of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Feeding with Reico's high-quality products ensures that the essential nutrients required for the proper development of puppies are optimally covered.

Special food for puppies - nutritional supplements

Puppies should be fed by their mother at least until the end of three weeks of age.
If for some reason the mother is low on milk, breastfeeding should be started before the fourth week. Then we reach for MaxiDog VitSchonkost. If you switch to feed so early, you can mix it with mAEATzie Kateznmilch cat milk as it is also suitable for puppies. It contains valuable colostrum, which is rich in all the ingredients necessary to start a healthy life.
If the mother has a sufficient amount of milk, we introduce the feed from four weeks of age at the earliest. The time is also right when puppies show an increasing interest in their mother's food. Start introducing the food gradually and in small amounts, so that your puppy's body gets used to the solid food.
Depending on whether you want to feed wet or dry food, we recommend our feeds specially dedicated to puppies.

Feeding recommendations for puppies with Reico complete food:

Puppies need lots of vitamins and nutrients during their growth phase. Therefore, when using wet food, we always recommend a higher dose than indicated on the packaging.
At the beginning, we offer easily digestible lamb and turkey. This food is especially suitable for the sensitive stomach of a puppy.
Equally well suited are MaxiDog Vit®: Beef / Poultry / Game / Veal and Beef Hearts
Are bio-ingredients important to you? Therefore, we recommend the CuraDog product series. All types are optimally suited for puppies.

Doodle Food Adult - Duck


For all orders of Doodle Food products worth at least PLN 200 free delivery!
Rabat zostanie naliczony w trakcie procesu płatności.

Duck with parsnip, beetroot, orange, asparagus and pumpkin for an adult dog

What does your Doodle gain from Superfoods ingredients?
Parsnip - an excellent source vitamin B3which is essential for energy metabolism so important for exercise and play
Beetroot- source dietary fiber, helping to normalize the duration of the intestinal transit
Orange - a very good source vitamin C., known for its antioxidant properties, has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system
Asparagus - source iron in order to support the proper functions of the circulatory system
Pumpkin - good source vitamin A.which has a positive effect on the functioning of the eye

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