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Wet food is of course the most suitable pet food. It is similar to that which was eaten by a free hunting dog. After all, he was a hunter and he ate raw food. Of course, not all at once. First he gnawed at the belly and ate the entrails, and only a few days later the meat. He did not eat every day - he functioned differently than he does now. 

The life of a dog at that time is quite different - we want the best for our pets. They participate with us in everyday life (we go jogging with them, run with them by bike). We engage with them in various dog sports, exercises, we give them various tasks - these are very popular forms of spending time with your pet today. Therefore, the expenditure of energy and the demand for it differs from that presented by praps. Personally, I believe that in order to minimize fluctuations in blood sugar levels, our quadruped should eat more often, but smaller portions.

Reico creates a balanced pet food consisting of 100% from natural raw materials, it means food raw materials intended for humans


Meat for the production of feed comes straight from the slaughterhouse.

First it goes through the grinder, then goes to the mixer, where fresh vegetables are added and everything is mixed together.

A special accessory is the set withbalanced minerals. It is a powder concentrate that is added to all wet foods. Therefore, with this balanced food, we can talk about a mineral balance.

Then the cans are packed and cold sealed. We are talking about 40-42 ℃, then the temperature slowly rises. It can be said that, as in our grandmothers' times, it is gradually brought to a boil (the so-called gautoclaving). After three hours it rises to 121 ° C and the food remains at this temperature for about two hours. At the end, it comes back very slowly to the starting point, which is 40 ℃. From now on it starts maturation processThe product is stored and matured for five weeks. This is done thanks to a special mixture designed so that the food can undergo this process. This is how a balanced wet food is made according to Reico's procedures. 

After this time, the product is ready for consumption. Both you and your dog, who will simply enjoy good health, benefit from it. 

At Reico, we have several types of feed. Some people prefer chicken, others like veal. The food is suitable for all dogs, puppies, pregnant bitches, young, adults and seniors. 

One will have a greater demand, the other less. Puppies eat less at first, then they need more food. Then, during intensive growth, it turns out that the demand increases again and then stabilizes. So, just like the truth in humans? 

Doodle Food Adult - Duck


Doodle Food Adult - Duck, duck with parsnip, beetroot, orange, asparagus and pumpkin for an adult dog

For all orders of Doodle Food products worth at least PLN 200 free delivery!
The discount will be applied during the payment process.

What does your Doodle gain from vegetables and fruits?

Parsnip - an excellent source vitamin B3which is essential for energy metabolism so important for exercise and play
Beetroot- source dietary fiber, helping to normalize the duration of the intestinal transit
Orange - a very good source vitamin C., known for its antioxidant properties, has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system
Asparagus - source iron in order to support the proper functions of the circulatory system
Pumpkin - good source vitamin A.which has a positive effect on the functioning of the eye

Be sure to read how to implement and use Doodle Food HERE

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