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Balanced Dog Food - What Makes Reico Different From Other Foods?

First - the products used in the production (meat) are food products intended for humans

- 0% dry animal meal (often ground from bones, hooves, claws, beaks, etc.)
- 0% meat meal and dehydrated meat
- the new, German Reico-Vital technology enables the use of only fresh, raw ingredients in the production process (fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables)
- offal found in the food is the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, udder
- does not contain any preservatives and flavorings
- there is no soy, bone meal, vegetable and grain meal
- does not contain genetically modified raw materials

Secondly unique way of processing raw materials (at low temperatures - below 42 ℃ for pressed and cold-formed foods, and autoclaving for wet foods)

- thanks to this treatment, we maintain the nutritional value of the ingredients

- the structure of proteins does not change, as in the case of the high-temperature production process (180 ℃), which is the cause of many health problems
- dry food is produced by cold pressing or dehydration
- wet food is gently sterilized (similar to classic pasteurization)


Thirdly mineral balance

- all minerals get into the pet's body (53 active and 53 regulating elements)
- minerals come from seaweed and herbs

- they are subjected to micronization (very fine grinding), thanks to which they are easily absorbed through the mucous membranes. They must be of such size that they can get inside the cell.

If cereals are used in the feed, they are exposed to compressed air. The pressure is so strong that the carbohydrates and the casings of, for example, beans are opened. Just like in popcorn. This corn is digestible. While corn kernels alone are not. Our dogs need digestible carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, it is tested on animals - DUDLACH;) Because before I decided to introduce it to my breeding program, we tested it both in ourselves and in dogs who, despite the use of one of the best food on the market, had dandruff, itching or gastric problems.

What about the price?  

At the beginning, I honestly did not like it - which delayed my verification plans. But it quickly turned out that the daily dose of this food is lower than the one we have used so far (I am talking about the food, which is considered to be of very good quality, top product). Therefore, the price of daily meals also turned out to be lower. 
Well, modern industrial feeds contain a lot of fillers, these swell in the bellies of our pets, mostly filling them and less nourishing them. See how many times they increase in volume when wet

Doodle Food Adult - Duck


Doodle Food Adult - Duck, duck with parsnip, beetroot, orange, asparagus and pumpkin for an adult dog

For all orders of Doodle Food products worth at least PLN 200 free delivery!
The discount will be applied during the payment process.

What does your Doodle gain from vegetables and fruits?

Parsnip - an excellent source vitamin B3which is essential for energy metabolism so important for exercise and play
Beetroot- source dietary fiber, helping to normalize the duration of the intestinal transit
Orange - a very good source vitamin C., known for its antioxidant properties, has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system
Asparagus - source iron in order to support the proper functions of the circulatory system
Pumpkin - good source vitamin A.which has a positive effect on the functioning of the eye

Be sure to read how to implement and use Doodle Food HERE

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